Our Mission



From Genesis to Revelation the Holy Spirit testifies of God’s great love and eternal purpose for mankind. In that unfolding tapestry of epochs, drama, excitement and colorful personalities, the Father makes clear His incredible plan for all the nations of the earth, with Israel being the firstborn nation (Ex 4:22).

As with every firstborn, the Hebrew nation’s primary function was, and still is, to SERVE the other nations of the world as a teacher and an example. The Apostle Paul, in his meticulous teaching style, highlights five (5) areas where God bears witness concerning Himself through Israel, using His firstborn nation as an example for the sake of the rest of the nations so that they may learn these five great and essential truths about the One True God:

  • He is the God of Election. Rom 9:11.
  • He is the God of Sovereignty. Rom 9:20-21.
  • He is the God of Judgment. Rom 10:21 & 11:8.
  • He is the God of Mercy. Rom 11:30-31.
  • He is the God who is Able. Rom 11:23.

The truths concerning God and the core values of His Kingdom are equally shared and upheld by both the Jewish and Christian faiths. As young branches budding out of an ancient tree trunk, so Christian movements continue to grow out of the shared Hebraic roots. For all of us, two powerful benefits are abundantly clear:

By studying the Scriptures you get a better understanding of who we are and what life is about as we apply Biblical principles to our own soul, society and day.

By traveling to Israel you gain a firsthand understanding of God’s Word as the stories of the Bible come to life before your very eyes. Your faith grows stronger as you:

  • Ascend the Mountain of the Lord in Jerusalem using the very steps Jesus and the Levites walked on.
  • Worship at the empty tomb and pray in the Garden of Gethsemane and the room of the Last Supper.
  • Visit the Galilee where the Lord taught, healed the multitudes and walked on water.
  • Behold the plains of Megiddo where all the armies of the world will one day gather.
  • Experience the miracle of the resurrected modern State of Israel.

There is only one Land God calls “My Land.” It is the only land that had experienced the miracles of Jesus first hand, wept at the lamentations of Jeremiah, rejoiced with the return of her children from Babylon, and now is home to the dead “dry bones” coming back to life.

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