A native Israeli disciple of Jesus Christ, Reuven has served the Lord Jesus in different positions for nearly four decades as a pastor, teacher, and most recently as a marketplace business leader.reuvenandmarylou

Following a dramatic conversion experience in 1978, Reuven was called to serve at the forefront of the emerging Messianic Body of Believers in the nation of Israel, working to restore the spiritual foundations which lay dormant for 2,000 years. Together with his wife of 33 years, Mary Lou, Reuven continued to serve and teach internationally while pastoring in the USA, focusing on the unique apostolic message of the One New Man (Eph. 2:14-15), calling Jew and Gentile into one Body by one Spirit in the Messiah.

img_3384Today, Reuven is working with Christian Churches and ministries planting the vision of “Experiencing God in Israel,” while helping leaders design and host journeys of faith, prayer and worship to the Holy land. These trips bring the rich biblical heritage of the Land of Israel to focus, foster personal encounters with local Messianic Believers and Arab Christians, and strengthen the faith and walk of every child of God.

Reuven, Mary Lou, their children and grandchildren reside outside of Jerusalem, Israel.