“The Forbidden Chapter” in the Tanakh

King David promised that the God of Israel “sets a table for His people in the presence of their enemies.” Psalm 23:5.

In my mind’s eye, I have always seen this as having a picnic with the Lord in front of the gates of hell. With arrows and missiles flying overhead and hostile forces facing us, we are invited to nevertheless enjoy the goodness of our God and the fullness of His gifts of life and joy and family and purpose and meaning EVEN WHILE battles still rage around us and conflicts (both internal or external) are far from over.

This promise is for God’s people whomever they may be, and it’s for you when you receive God’s living word by faith and trust in Him.

Enjoy this video. In it, you’ll see the beautiful work of young Israeli evangelists bringing the hope of salvation to the people Israel directly from Isaiah 53, the “forbidden chapter” according to much of Jewish tradition.

Please pray for these young evangelistic teams as the battle is fierce, and stay blessed!


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